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Verified educational consultants

Verified Universities

All universities in our directory has Verified” status.
AbroStudy doesn’t publish any unverified university.
Verified” status means that university is real and has license for education.
We didn’t publish universities without license.


Verified Consultants

Consultants can get Verified” status only after full checking of the company.
Consultants can use “status request” form for getting this status.
After this our staff will check website of consultant and public information in the Internet (including reviews).
Our staff may call you for a short interview.
Consultants have to provide us documents about company registration (only public information).
Consultants without documents can’t get Verified” status.
Verification is paid, but very cheap procedure.
Verification valid during 1 or 3 years (depends on the country).
Perhaps for some, this procedure seems superfluous. Unfortunately, in all countries there are a lot of scammers.
We are sure that honest educational consultants are not afraid of Verification.
AbroStudy care about student’s security, that’s why we’ll check all verified consultants in our directory with attention every 1 or 3 years.
We want to help students and honest consultants. We are confident that this procedure will be able to help you and help fight fraudsters.


List of verified educational consultants:

Ukrainian Admission Center


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