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Founder of AbroStudy.comDear friend,

Glad to see you at pages of AbroStudy.com

Let me introduce myself, I’m Vitaly, the founder of AbroStudy.com

My story about education started 10 years ago. At that time I became student and got first job. The first job in my life was in educational consultant company.
I fell in love to this area immediately. Education abroad is so wonderful thing.
It gives ability for students to get really excellent education.
Moreover it give ability to change your mind. Everytime when you goes to another country you learn a lot of new things. It help you to think global.
It’s not a secret, that people who travel a lot becomes professionals more often.
Unfortunately, I lost my ability to study abroad, but I stay in this business.
During 10 years I worked in universities and different consultants. I saw all thing from all sides.
I visited workshops, seminars, different universities in different countries, saw from inside how agens and universities works.

Ofcause, I saw all problems that happens with students, agents and universities.
That’s why you are here.
That’s why I spent a lot of time and money to make AbroStudy.com
That’s why I keep spend all my time and money to develope AbroStudy.com
At this moment AbroStudy becomes large company with big number of abilities, but for me it’s not enough.
AbroStudy not about profit, AbroStudy about chaning the world for the best future.

Stay with us and we’ll discover world of international education for you.
Workshops, seminars, universities, admission, tips, advices, useful articles and interviews, online services and a lot of others.
Let’s start our international journey!
Best regards,


PS: By the way, anyone can always contact me via my personal email : vitaly@abrostudy.com
Sending mail here you can be sure, that only I will get it. Please use it only for important situations.

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