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Dear colleagues!
Welcome to – number one services for educational consultants around the world.

We working hard to offer you a lot of useful services, so you can provide your services for students and communicate with universities easlier.

The basic services for you are:

List of universities around the world and ability to publish information about your services at directory of international education consultants.

You can show students that you are legal, by getting “Verifed” status.

And the most interesting thing happens with “Featured” consultants.
Featured consultants will get higher position in some places of directory and be showed in some extra places on the website.
Featured consultants will be able to see contact details of students in “Students requests” section.

Do you want more?
Here’re the most effective things at our website for consultants:
Get status of “Consultant of University”, for example you can check this page.

Or you can even get all application for education in some universities via “Quick Application” form at website, for example you can check this page.

Of cause, we also have some banner places for you.

About any question or cooperation you can always contact us via email:


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