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National University of Pharmacy

Information about National University of Pharmacy

National University of Pharmacy is a domestic center of pharmaceutical education and science development, which occupies a leading place in realization of public policy in training a new generation of highly skilled specialists and implementation of competitive scientific developments for science intensive pharmaceutical industry. The University creates conditions for deep scientific training of highly qualified specialists on the principles of education and science cooperation.

National University of Pharmacy, founded in 1805 as a pharmaceutical department of Kharkiv Emperor University , is the main pharmaceutical higher education institution in Ukraine with rich scientific traditions and history.

National University of Pharmacy is the only higher education institution of pharmaceutical profile in our country. Its evolution has provided the development of national pharmaceutical school, science, production and the whole pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine. In 1921, based on the Proposal of prominent Kharkiv scientists, the first and the only in Ukraine Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute (KhPhI) was founded by Resolution of Health Care Narkomat and Golovnauk.Outstanding scientists worked in the Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute at different times: M.O. Valyashko, M.S. Bokarius, M.P. Krasovskiy, A.D. Rozenfeld, G.Ye. Mukhin, O.I. Cherkes, Ye.S. Khotynskiy, Yu.G.Borysiuk , P.O.Petyunin.

The origin of Ukrainian pharmaceutical science in such areas as chemical synthesis of biologically active substances, pharmacognostical researches of medications, chemical and toxicological  analysis, formulation and production of medications of both synthetic and natural origin, quality control of medicines, organization and economy of pharmaceutical industry is connected with the National University of Pharmacy. On the initiative of Professor L.D. Rozenfeld, the Scientific Center of Pharmacy (Experimental Pharmaceutical Narkomzdorovia institute) was founded. Nowadays it is the State Scientific Center of Drugs.

1991: Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute (KhPhI) is among the first 3 higher education institutions from 900 in the USSR, which recieved the status of higher school accredited at the Union level. In 1992, KhPhI was reorganized into the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy (UkPhA). In 1994, UkPhA received the IV (highest) level of accreditation. In 1999, the educational institution got the status of the National Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy, and in 2002, it became the National University of Pharmacy (NUPh).


All conditions for training of highly skilled specialists for all pharmaceutical industry segments such as pharmacy establishments, pharmaceutical, perfumery and cosmetic enterprises, drug quality control and scientists (Doctors and Candidates of Sciences (PhD)) training for state institutions are created in the National University of Pharmacy.

National University of Pharmacy is a unique, acknowledged in the world, educational and scientific complex the team of which includes over 20 thousand students and employees, among them are over 17.5 thousand students, Master degree students, postgraduate students, interns in 14 specialties and 6 training directions.

The University consists of 49 Departments; Institute of Pharmacy Professionals Qualification Improvement; College of the NUPh; Central Scientific-Research Laboratory; State Scientific-Research Laboratory of the NUPh for Medicinal Substances Quality Control; Educational-Scientific Technological Laboratory of Dosage Forms; Clinical-Diagnostic Center of the NUPh; Laboratory of Clinical Diagnostics; Problem-based Laboratory of Morphofunctional Researches; Research Laboratory of Microbiological and Immunological Researches; Scientific Methodological (Scientific Research) Laboratory on Pharmaceutical Education; Electrical Engineering and Electronics Laboratory; Center of Distance Training Technologies; Computer Center ;


There are 622 members of the academic and teaching staff at the University, among them: 120 Doctors of Sciences, Professors; 456 Candidates of Sciences, 1 academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 10 academicians and corresponding members of branch Academies of Sciences of Ukraine, 14 Honored Workers of Science and Technology, 2 Honoured Workers of Health Care System, 1 Honoured Inventor of Ukraine, 2 Honoured Workers of Pharmacy, 3 Honoured Workers of Education, 5 laureates of State Prizes.

National University of Pharmacy is the member of Great Charter of Universities (Magna Charta Universitatum), European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (EAFP), International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), European project on the integration of pharmacy curricula «PHARMINE», International Commission on Distance Education (CODE), Euroasian Universities Association, International Association of Universities.

According to UNESCO rating, National University of Pharmacy has one of the greatest (94%) indexes of the quality of scientific and pedagogical potential among 200 best universities of Ukraine. The NUPh is ranked 3rd among medical higher education institutions of Ukraine.

22 scientific schools are formed and work fruitfully at the National University of Pharmacy, such as chemical synthesis and analysis of bioactive substances, creation of medicines of synthetic and natural origin; nanotoxicology and nanopharmacy; pharmacognostical study of bioactive substances; technology of formulation of original and combined medicines in different dosage forms; pharmacological study of bioactive synthetic and natural substances and medicines; creation of homoeopathic medicines; development of new methods for analysis of medicines for operative exposure of the falsified products of pharmacy and industrial production; organization of pharmaceutical business; management and marketing in pharmacy; study of efficient management mechanisms of pharmaceutical enterprises development in the conditions of international quality standards implementation, etc.

Scientific potential of the University is put into effect in research works. In 2013, 257 fundamental and applied research works in priority directions of science and technology were performed by the University scientists, which were financed by state budget and self-financing agreements, and also at the expense of the University within the internal program of support and assistance of scientific development.


Scientific researches and self-financing developments are performed on order of 43 domestic and foreign enterprises, among which are: SI «Institute named after prof. M.I. Sitenko», LLC SPC «Mikrokhim», LLC «Reserach Institute of Chemical Variety» (Russia), PJSC «Indar», PJSC “ Lekchim -Kharkiv”, JSC “Farmak”, JSC SPC “Borschagivsky Pharmaceutical Plant”, PJSC «Darnitsa», PJSC «Kyivmedpreparat», Pharmaceutical corporation «Arterium», LLC «Experimental plant of SE «State Scientific Center of Drugs», JSC «KhPhP «Red star», KhSPhE «People’s Health», LLC PhC «Zdorovie», PJSC «Biolik», PJSC «Stoma», JSC “Interkhim”, OJSC “Galichpharm”, etc.

The University fruitfully cooperates with 12 institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and more than 20 branch institutes subordinate to the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine.

Scientific and methodical commission on pharmaceutical education of the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine, Problem commission «Pharmacia» of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine which coordinates scientific researches of 18 scientific institutions of pharmaceutical industry and Technological commission of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine function at the University.

Leading specialists and scientists of the University are engaged in the work of public institutions, departments, expert, coordinating, specialized scientific councils, committees such as: Committee for State Prizes of Ukraine in Science and  Technology; Expert Council of the State Expert Center of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine; Expert Advisory Council at the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Public Health; Healthcare Council at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; Technological Commission of the State Service for Medicines and Medical Products; Coordinating Scientific and Methodical Council for post-graduate education of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine; Council for Healthcare Reform; Scientific and Methodological Council on the quality and safety of medicines and medical products of the State Inspectorate for Quality Control of Health Care Products; Comission on the national lists of medicines; Expert Council of Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) of Ukraine.


Specialists of the University take part in the work of professional and public associations on the development of domestic health care system.

There are three specialized scientific councils in four scientific specialties at the NUPh:  «Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy», «Pharmacology»; «Technology of Drugs, Organization of Pharmaceutical Business and Forensic Pharmacy», «Standardization and Organization of Production of Drugs» .

The University has all conditions for training of scientific and pedagogical staff of higher qualification – Doctors and Candidates (PhD) of Sciences.

Creation and introduction in practice of new effective medications is a complex process, in which different departments and scientific laboratories of NUPh take part.

Scientists of the NUPh have developed 371 new medicinal preparations and compounds.


Scientists of the University have developed such known national brands as Levomecol – antibacterial, dehydrating medicine, which is one of the most effective wound healing remedies (developed on the order of Ministry of Defense and tested in the battle conditions); Cratal – cardiotononic used in the combined therapy for treatment of cardio-vascular pathology, which is one of ten best domestic medications; Diacamph – anti-diabetic medicine of new generation, effective hypoglycemic medicine.

List of author’s medication of the University includes: Altan, Valcophen, Venosan, Givitan, Levosin, Lipoflavon, propolis Tincture, Paravit, Piflamin, Phenolic hydrophobic propolis preparation, Flavanabol, Inflarax and others.

Inventive potential of the University scientists grows year after year. The University has over 1200 defended objects of intellectual property. About 200 scientists effectively carry on inventive activity, among them is 1 Honoured Inventor of Ukraine.

The University gives much attention to the exchange of scientific information and approbations of scientific researches. Every year about 20 scientific and practical events , including international, are conducted at the NUPh.

National University of Pharmacy constantly exhibits its scientific achievements in Ukraine and takes part in the work of international forums, where it repeatedly recieves awards, gold medals and diplomas.

The University activates participating in the international programs. Scientists of the NUPh get collective grants in such programs as INTAS, departments of STCU, Drug Information Association, European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and HealthCare, Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), SPRI International. Grants for education and internship from the Swedish institute (Gothenburg), Department of Education of the Slovak Republic, University clinic of Jena, University of Maryland (Baltimore, USA).

NUPh trains specialists in such educational and qualifying levels as Junior Specialist, Bachelor, Specialist, and Master.

The University has the best results in the volume of innovative activity among higher medical (pharmaceutical) educational institutions of Ukraine that was marked at the conference of the Rectors of HMEI on the results of innovative activity of HMEI during the academic year.


National University of Pharmacy is University of the European level which trains highly qualified specialists. The University has trained over 50 thousand specialists, including over 6 thousand Masters of Pharmacy, for 94 countries of the world. Training of specialists for the far-abroad countries is a significant impact factor of the international image of our country. University has educational and scientific relations with 40 higher education institutions from 20 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa, and extends international cooperation of the University scientists to carry out and extend joint scientific researches and programs.

To implement public policy of providing personnel for pharmaceutical branch, University suggested a system of training of specialists by opening a network of 19 pharmaceutical faculties in the system of higher education of Ukraine. University trains scientific and pedagogical personnel for the pharmaceutical faculties of higher education institutions, practical pharmacy and foreign countries.

National University of Pharmacy has its own Publishing Center. Educational process is well provided with educational and methodological literature in official and foreign languages, which are used, by all pharmaceutical faculties of Ukraine and some CIS countries. For the first time in the system of pharmaceutical education of Ukraine, over 2 thousand editions of educational and methodological complexes of educational literature in all disciplines were created. Scientists of the University published over 490 textbooks and study guides, 89 monographs, including 330 with classification of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 5 scientific and practical journals are professional editions of Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) of Ukraine are published at the University.

Scientific Library  of the NUPh numbers contains about 1 million educational and scientific editions, and 40 thousand copies of electronic scientific editions; it has 10 reading halls and 2 electronic reading halls.


University has a developed material and technical base, with 6 academic buildings with modern base of lecture halls and laboratories with 15 lecture halls, 38 computer classrooms; botanical garden which is a base for practical training of students in as «Pharmacognosy» and «Medical Botany».

NUPh has 6 hostels . There are computer classrooms, gyms, cafes in all hostels. Nowadays, 100 % of all interested students have an opportunity to live in the hostel.

Healthcare Center for students is one of the best among university medical centers in Ukraine. Obligatory medical examinations, prophylactic vaccinations, photofluorographic examinations are carries out under supervision of the Center. Healthcare Center for students implements a strategic public policy of preservation and promotion of young people’s health (Program of the Ministers of Ukraine «Towards people»). NUPh gives special attention to the organizations of students’ everyday life and leisure. There are student canteens with total number of 700 seats in each academic building.

There are 7 gyms, 5 tennis courts, 18 sports clubs in the NUPh Sports Complex. It gives wide opportunities for students to go in for sports. Students of the University take part in championships of Ukraine, Europe, world, and get prize awards.

In order to increase authority and recognize pharmaceutical branch at state level, professional holiday – Day of Pharmacist – was established and new state award – Honoured pharmacist of Ukraine – was introduced in Ukraine at the initiative and with direct participation of the NUPh; unique historical and architectural complex “Pharmacy in centuries”  – first in the world monument to the pharmacist was added to the Kharkiv treasury. NUPh became the organizer of holding on its base of V, VI, VII and VIII National Congresses of Pharmacists of Ukraine, creation of the Pharmaceutical Association of Ukraine, Scientific Pharmaceutical Park, and biopharmaceutical cluster of Ukraine.

  • Pharmacy
  • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Technologies of Drugs
  • Technologies of Perfumary and Cosmetics
  • Laboratory diagnostic
  • Quality, Standartization and Certification

Admission procedure into National University of Pharmacy

National University of Pharmacy doesn't require any entry exams or TOEFL / IELTS or any other certificates. Only your documents needed for admission. Check admission steps.

Step 1. Online application

You can make online application directly at this page (choose "Quick Application" tab) or at Offical Ukrainian Admission Center

For the fastest response attach clear photo or scan of your passport and document about education: High School Certificate for Bachelor Degree or Bachelor Diploma for Master Degree

Step 2. Get Invitation letter from National University of Pharmacy

You will get response from Official Ukrainian Admission Center. They will inform you about results of your admission.

If your documents are fine, than your admission to National University of Pharmacy will be accepted. After admission confirmation you can get Invitation letter to National University of Pharmacy.

Invitation letter cost 525$ for Bachelor degree and 625$ for Master degree. This cost includes Invitation letter, Visa support letter to ukrainian embassy and courier delivery directly to your home address.

Step 3. Get visa

After getting invitation letter from Ukrainian Admission Center students should contact the nearest Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate. Student should apply to Ukrainian Embassy with the following documents:

  • Filled Visa Application Form (Click here to download)
  • International Passport (valid not less than one year)
  • Original Invitation Letter from University through Ukrainian Admission Center
  • Birth Certificate (should be with Apostille stamp or legalized by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Original School Certificates (O level/ SSCE/ HSSC , Bachelor or Master’s Degree if available) (should be with Apostille stamp or legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translated into Ukrainian language)
  • General Medical Fitness Certificate (should be with Apostille stamp or legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Letter of approval from Education Ministry (For West Africa Nigeria )
  • General Health- Medical Certificate issued at least two months prior the entrance in to Ukraine
  • Translated into Ukrainian and legalized by Notary Public or Ukrainian Embassy (Must be legalized by Health Ministry for West Africa , Nigeria )
  • Medical Certificate showing absence of Aids/HIV (should be with Apostille stamp or legalized by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Health Insurance covering one year/ for some countries only for Traveling period
  • Sponsorship Letter from the Parents/Person who is going to bear the expenses for student during stay/ studying in Ukraine . (It is not a condition for all Nationalities)
  • Bank Statement to prove financial ability. (It is not a condition for all Nationalities)
  • 8 passport size photos (3.5 x 4.5)
  • To and From Air ticket valid for one year.
  • Visa Confirmation letter sent to the Embassy from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
  • The student needs to check with Ukrainian Embassy in his/ her country of permanent/ temporary stay. Ukrainian Embassy does not require Russian/ Ukrainian translation for some Nationalities.

Arrival to Ukraine for study

After getting visa from Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate, students should inform Official Ukrainian Admission Center about his/her flight details with date and arrival time. One of Ukrainian Admission Center's representatives shall receive the student at the airport. In case student will not inform Ukrainian Admission Center about his/her arrival, he/she will be deported back to homeland. Ukrainian Admission Center's representative will meet student at the airport and will transfer student directly to National University of Pharmacy. There representative will help student with registration and all necessary documents.

Send documents for admission to National University of Pharmacy

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