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  • Zhukovsky str., 66, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine


  • 1st Admission season start
  • March
  • 1st Admission season end
  • October
  • 2nd Admission season start
  • November
  • 2nd Admission season end
  • February
  • September intake classes start
  • 15th of September
  • March intake classes start
  • 15th o March
  • 1st semester
  • 15th of September - 20th of December
  • 2nd Semester
  • 20th of January - 20th of July

Zaporozhye National University

Information about Zaporozhye National University

Zaporizhzhya National University (ZNU) has 80-years’ long history. It was established back in 1930 as Public Education Institute, then was transformed into Teachers’ Training Institute for Professional Education and later into State Pedagogic Institute. Finally, the institution’s name was changed to National University.

University structure

Zaporizhzhya National University is nationally accredited the highest 4th level and is among the most renowned leading universities in Ukraine. It is a shrine for education and science as well as storehouse for accumulating and spreading out Ukrainian cultural values of Prydniprovia region even far beyond its boundaries.
The University body is made of 17 faculties and 58 departments. It incorporates Nikopol Institute and Faculty of Economics and Humanities in Melitopol, Research Institute of Ukrainian Cossacks, Foreign Languages Intensive Study Center, Department of graduate education and extended educational services, Business Education Center.
The ultimate goal lies in providing high-quality education after 31 specializations.
With over 600 teaching staff, among them 72 professors and doctors, 343 associate professors and PhDs. University is strong in teaching and research work.
At present over 14.000 full-time and part-time students study in ZNU.
Graduate school allows graduate students to pursue their studies in either of 42 specializations and doctoral studies in either of 12 specializations. It has 4 specialized Boards of Academics for thesis defense.
University enrolls students for full and part-time study providing government scholarship for high score students to the faculties and specialties:

    • Faculty of Physics (Physics, Applied Physics)
    • Faculty of Mathematics (Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Software Engineering, Computer Science)
    • Faculty of History (History, Foreign Affairs)
    • Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration (Sociology, Political Science, Social work, Public Administration)
    • Faculty of Foreign Philology (Philology: English Language and Literature/German Language and Literature/French Language and Literature/Spanish Language and Literature. Translation/Interpretation: English, German, French)
    • Faculty of Philology (Ukrainian Language and Literature/Russian Language and Literature)
    • Faculty of Biology (Biology, Ecology and Environmental Protection, Chemistry, Forestry and Landscape Design)
    • Faculty of Economics (Finance and Credit, Accounting and Audit, Economic Cybernetics, International Economics)
    • Faculty of Physical Training (Physical Training, Sports, Human Health, Tourism)
    • Faculty of Law (Jurisprudence)
    • Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology (Psychology, Social Pedagogics, Higher Education Pedagogics, Dramatic Arts)
    • Faculty of Management (Management of Organizations, Foreign Economic Activities Management, Logistics)
    • Faculty of Journalism (Journalism, Publishing and Editing, Advertising and Public Relations)


      ZNU premises comprise 8 academic buildings, sports gym, four dormitories and Ukrainian-Swiss Centre “English for Kids”.


      Scientific library is the University resource for academic information and up-to-date scientific literature. The services are ensured by 3 libraries and 8 reading halls. Over 30.000 readers use its services throughout academic year provided with access to more than 1 mln latest scientific and academic publications.


      Electronic library, 11 computer classes with Internet access, University publishing house are at students and young researchers’ disposal.


      As far as the health is concerned, students and teaching faculty and staff can avail of health centre with modern medical equipment located in the Khortytsia Island, and “Slavutych” recreation center on Azov Sea coast.


      Students enjoy their out-of-classroom experiences in Students Club, sports club or University’s “Universe” FM-station, local TV channel “Universe-TV”, press centre or editorial office of local academic newspaper.


    University issues “ZNU Bulletin” and “Nova Filologiya” (New Philology), scientific periodical publications for young researchers and academics to publish results of their scientific effort.


Faculty of Biology: Biology; Ecology, environmental protection and balanced nature management; chemistry; Forestry and horticulture.

Faculty of Economics: finance and credit; Accounting and Auditing; The international economy; economic cybernetics; Personnel management and labor economics; marketing.

Historical Faculty: history; Regional geography.

Faculty of Mathematics: secondary education (mathematics); Secondary education (computer science); mathematics; Applied Mathematics; computer science; Software engineering.

Faculty of Physics: secondary education (physics); physics; applied Physics.

Faculty of Philology: Ukrainian language and literature; Language and literature (Russian); Translation (Polish); Translation (Bulgarian); Special education (Ukrainian language and literature).

Faculty of Law: Jurisprudence.

Faculty of Journalism: Journalism; Publishing and editing; Advertising and public relations.

Faculty of foreign philology: language and literature (English); Translation (English); Language and literature (German); Translation (German); Language and literature (French); Translation (French); Language and literature (Spanish).

Faculty of Management: Management; Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities.

Faculty of Sociology and Management: Sociology, Political Science, Social Work, Philosophy.

Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Psychology: Social Pedagogy; psychology; Theatrical art; design.

Faculty of physical education: Spot; Physical education; Physical rehabilitation; Tupism; Special education (logopedia and surdopedagogy).

Admission procedure into Zaporozhye National University

Zaporozhye National University doesn't require any entry exams or TOEFL / IELTS or any other certificates. Only your documents needed for admission. Check admission steps.

Step 1. Online application

You can make online application directly at this page (choose "Quick Application" tab) or at Offical Ukrainian Admission Center

For the fastest response attach clear photo or scan of your passport and document about education: High School Certificate for Bachelor Degree or Bachelor Diploma for Master Degree

Step 2. Get Invitation letter from Zaporozhye National University

You will get response from Official Ukrainian Admission Center. They will inform you about results of your admission.

If your documents are fine, than your admission to Zaporozhye National University will be accepted. After admission confirmation you can get Invitation letter to Zaporozhye National University.

Invitation letter cost 525$ for Bachelor degree and 625$ for Master degree. This cost includes Invitation letter, Visa support letter to ukrainian embassy and courier delivery directly to your home address.

Step 3. Get visa

After getting invitation letter from Ukrainian Admission Center students should contact the nearest Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate. Student should apply to Ukrainian Embassy with the following documents:

  • Filled Visa Application Form (Click here to download)
  • International Passport (valid not less than one year)
  • Original Invitation Letter from University through Ukrainian Admission Center
  • Birth Certificate (should be with Apostille stamp or legalized by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Original School Certificates (O level/ SSCE/ HSSC , Bachelor or Master’s Degree if available) (should be with Apostille stamp or legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translated into Ukrainian language)
  • General Medical Fitness Certificate (should be with Apostille stamp or legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Letter of approval from Education Ministry (For West Africa Nigeria )
  • General Health- Medical Certificate issued at least two months prior the entrance in to Ukraine
  • Translated into Ukrainian and legalized by Notary Public or Ukrainian Embassy (Must be legalized by Health Ministry for West Africa , Nigeria )
  • Medical Certificate showing absence of Aids/HIV (should be with Apostille stamp or legalized by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Health Insurance covering one year/ for some countries only for Traveling period
  • Sponsorship Letter from the Parents/Person who is going to bear the expenses for student during stay/ studying in Ukraine . (It is not a condition for all Nationalities)
  • Bank Statement to prove financial ability. (It is not a condition for all Nationalities)
  • 8 passport size photos (3.5 x 4.5)
  • To and From Air ticket valid for one year.
  • Visa Confirmation letter sent to the Embassy from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
  • The student needs to check with Ukrainian Embassy in his/ her country of permanent/ temporary stay. Ukrainian Embassy does not require Russian/ Ukrainian translation for some Nationalities.

Arrival to Ukraine for study

After getting visa from Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate, students should inform Official Ukrainian Admission Center about his/her flight details with date and arrival time. One of Ukrainian Admission Center's representatives shall receive the student at the airport. In case student will not inform Ukrainian Admission Center about his/her arrival, he/she will be deported back to homeland. Ukrainian Admission Center's representative will meet student at the airport and will transfer student directly to Zaporozhye National University. There representative will help student with registration and all necessary documents.

Send documents for admission to Zaporozhye National University

Student's Information
Course information

Preparatory course only for those students, that want to study in russian/ukrainian language. No preparatory required for education in english.


Photo or scan. Good quality required.

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