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  • 69006 Zaporizhzhya, Soborny Ave., 226


  • 1st Admission season start
  • March
  • 1st Admission season end
  • October
  • 2nd Admission season start
  • November
  • 2nd Admission season end
  • February
  • September intake classes start
  • 15th of September
  • March intake classes start
  • 15th o March
  • 1st semester
  • 15th of September - 20th of December
  • 2nd Semester
  • 20th of January - 20th of July

Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy

Information about Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy

Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy, in accordance with the Order of Ministry of Education of Ukraine № 943 from 16.10.2009 and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 265 from 02.03.2010 begins issuing the Diploma Supplement of Higher Education, developed in accordance with the form approved by the European Commission Council of Europe and UNESCO / CEPES
Diploma Supplement of European standard
Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy was founded in 1959 by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of the USSR as an evening branch of Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute; since 1965, – the department of DMI ( Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute), and since 1976, – Zaporizhia Industrial Institute. By resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №592 of 29.08.1994 Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy was established on the basis of Zaporizhia Industrial Institute.
Soon the higher education institution will celebrate its 55th anniversary. By the standards of a human life, it is the age of maturity. In this case, this criterion is quite applicable to the Engineering Academy. During the years of its existence, thanks to the successful start, an educational institution has grown from a branch of the provincial institute to an Academy. Graduates of the Academy fully meet the staffing needs of industry in the region.
The first brick of prosperity of today’s Academy was laid down by the first rector – Y.M. Potebnya.
He headed the university for over 20 years. He was not only a wise but an inspirational leader who managed to combine teams of teachers and students under the slogan whose general idea was “our higher educational institution – with our hands!”
A successful idea soon materialized in the construction, using their own resources, of academic buildings, a preventorium and student recreation centers. He also helped to create student teams.
It allowed for unification of the educational process: formation of active student civic position, so as to develop organizational skills as well as preparation for the engineering profession
HONOR CODE of a STUDENT of ZSEA. are approved and valid In ZSEA.

The Academy is a strong scientific and research complex. 778 people work in the academy. 324 research and teaching staff, including 33 doctors of science and 189 candidates of science provide educational process and scientific activity.
An important step on the way to a real increase in the quality of training was the introduction in ZSEA a credit-modular system of educational process as a first step towards the full implementation of the program to join the European educational space on the concept of the Bologna process.
Specialized Academic Council for doctoral and candidate dissertations defense on specialty 05.16.02. “Ferrous and non-ferrous metals and special alloys” has been acting since 1995.
Improving the quality of specialists training at the academy is identified as a priority task, which involves the introduction of innovative learning technologies, general computerization and information system development and engaging students in various forms of scientific research activity as well as receiving theoretical and practical knowledge
A modern higher educational institution cannot be developed dynamically without a library that works on the basis of the latest information technologies. A library stock is replenished with textbooks of a new generation using multimedia technologies and electronic books.
Information Computer Centre works as a structural subdivision of Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy. The main purpose of the ITC is organizing, management, coordination, monitoring and works implementation to ensure the smooth functioning and development of information and computer infrastructure of ZSEA. There are 30 computer classes involved in the educational process in the academy. There are more than 1,000 personal computers which are used in the educational process.
For many years the academy is an active member of the Association Information Technologies development in Zaporizhia. On the basis of ZSEA Networking Academy Cisco, and Microsoft IT Academy has been working.
The Linguistic Center was founded in Zaporozhia State Engineering Academy in 2000 to teach all students of the academy, primarily those who are involved in the international academic exchange programs, but also for all people interested in foreign languages, particularly English, German, French, Spanish. People of different ages and occupations: school children, students and postgraduates, pensioners and businessmen study at the center.
Under current conditions higher education institutions are engaged not only in scientific and educational activity, but also use the principle of unity for the learning processes, scientific activity and education. In this context, an important place in the educational work belongs to the curatorship. Students of ZSEA participate actively in the life and activity of the academy through student self-governance: Student Senate of ZSEA, Student Council of ZSEA dormitories, primary trade union organization of students and doctoral students of ZSEA, Student Research Society
In the educational process the activity of public organizations such as Philosophy, Political clubs, Accountants and Auditors Club, Dispute Club “Active Brain” is very important. Club of Intellectual Games “What, Where When?” is one of the best in the cityStudent Arts Center «Port-Arte» (ZSEA) has no equal in Ukraine.
The student center started its activity as a student club that had such creative teams as STEM (Student theater of variety miniatures), vocal-instrumental ensemble, folk and ballroom dance ensembles. A center then was established uniting all genres of art: a student theater, vocal studio, show-ballet, ensemble of contemporary variety and ballroom dances, KVN (Talent Show) team.
Student and teaching staff achievements in sport are some of the most successful activities which have been developing in ZSEA since 60-70 years. Some students of ZSEA became Olympic champions and Olympic silver medalists. 91 Masters of Sport and 44 Masters of Sport of International Class in various sports have been trained In the Academy. The Academy provides any person interested in sport an opportunity to engage in basketball, athletics, handball and so on.The Academy has got two student dormitories for 1280 places with a total area of 14850 sq.m. All conditions for comfortable living, self-study and preparation for classes have been created in the dormitories. Household services are organized properly.
Medical Service for the students of the Academy is carried out in the regional student hospital and medical center of the Academy.
A significant contribution to the Health Protection and Promotion for students in the academy provides a sanatorium-preventorium (health and recreation centre). Among Ukrainian universities, only the Academy was awarded the highest category. It works on a continuous schedule. Medical complex (health center) consists of doctors’ offices, manipulation cabinet, inhalatorium, remedial gymnastic cabinet, physical therapy department.
The main goal of every institution of higher education is formation of intellectual resources of the state. Now Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy by its scientific research development and innovative teaching and learning technologies provides a significant contribution to Human Resourcing of policy implementation for socio-economic growth of Ukraine.
Look forward to any task, meet any challenge – “through the thorns – to the stars” – the motto of the faculty and students of the Academy. With such weighty scientific, educational and historical heritage, the Academy is entering a new stage of its development, confirming its image of the leading engineering educational institution at this stage of history of Zaporizhia region.

Faculty of Construction and Water Resources (PBVR)

  • Water supply and sanitation;
  • Industrial and civil construction;
  • Urban construction and farming.

Faculty of Energy and Energy Saving (FEE)

  • Energy management (the next stage of training);
  • Heat power engineering;
  • Hydropower engineering;
  • Electrical engineering.

Faculty of Information and Electronic Technologies (FIET)

  • Electronic systems;
  • Physical and biomedical electronics;
  • Software of automated systems;
  • Automated control of technological processes.

Metallurgical faculty (MF)

  • Metallurgy of ferrous metals.
  • Ecology, environmental protection and balanced nature management;
  • Metallurgy of non-ferrous metals;
  • Metal forming;
  • Metallurgical equipment;
  • Occupational Safety and Health.

Faculty of Economics and Management (PMT)

  • Accounting and Auditing;
  • Management of organizations;
  • Finance;
  • Economic cybernetics;
  • The economy of the enterprise.

Admission procedure into Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy

Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy doesn't require any entry exams or TOEFL / IELTS or any other certificates. Only your documents needed for admission. Check admission steps.

Step 1. Online application

You can make online application directly at this page (choose "Quick Application" tab) or at Offical Ukrainian Admission Center

For the fastest response attach clear photo or scan of your passport and document about education: High School Certificate for Bachelor Degree or Bachelor Diploma for Master Degree

Step 2. Get Invitation letter from Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy

You will get response from Official Ukrainian Admission Center. They will inform you about results of your admission.

If your documents are fine, than your admission to Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy will be accepted. After admission confirmation you can get Invitation letter to Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy.

Invitation letter cost 525$ for Bachelor degree and 625$ for Master degree. This cost includes Invitation letter, Visa support letter to ukrainian embassy and courier delivery directly to your home address.

Step 3. Get visa

After getting invitation letter from Ukrainian Admission Center students should contact the nearest Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate. Student should apply to Ukrainian Embassy with the following documents:

  • Filled Visa Application Form (Click here to download)
  • International Passport (valid not less than one year)
  • Original Invitation Letter from University through Ukrainian Admission Center
  • Birth Certificate (should be with Apostille stamp or legalized by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Original School Certificates (O level/ SSCE/ HSSC , Bachelor or Master’s Degree if available) (should be with Apostille stamp or legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translated into Ukrainian language)
  • General Medical Fitness Certificate (should be with Apostille stamp or legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Letter of approval from Education Ministry (For West Africa Nigeria )
  • General Health- Medical Certificate issued at least two months prior the entrance in to Ukraine
  • Translated into Ukrainian and legalized by Notary Public or Ukrainian Embassy (Must be legalized by Health Ministry for West Africa , Nigeria )
  • Medical Certificate showing absence of Aids/HIV (should be with Apostille stamp or legalized by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Health Insurance covering one year/ for some countries only for Traveling period
  • Sponsorship Letter from the Parents/Person who is going to bear the expenses for student during stay/ studying in Ukraine . (It is not a condition for all Nationalities)
  • Bank Statement to prove financial ability. (It is not a condition for all Nationalities)
  • 8 passport size photos (3.5 x 4.5)
  • To and From Air ticket valid for one year.
  • Visa Confirmation letter sent to the Embassy from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
  • The student needs to check with Ukrainian Embassy in his/ her country of permanent/ temporary stay. Ukrainian Embassy does not require Russian/ Ukrainian translation for some Nationalities.

Arrival to Ukraine for study

After getting visa from Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate, students should inform Official Ukrainian Admission Center about his/her flight details with date and arrival time. One of Ukrainian Admission Center's representatives shall receive the student at the airport. In case student will not inform Ukrainian Admission Center about his/her arrival, he/she will be deported back to homeland. Ukrainian Admission Center's representative will meet student at the airport and will transfer student directly to Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy. There representative will help student with registration and all necessary documents.

Send documents for admission to Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy

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Preparatory course only for those students, that want to study in russian/ukrainian language. No preparatory required for education in english.


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